Metal Steel Structure gains ground in civil works.

Light and recyclable parts, quickness in the performance of works and minimum waste generation have fascinated construction companies. A 2015 survey about the Profile of Steel Structure Manufactures from CBCA, ABCEM and ICZ shows that consumption has increased.

According to the 2015 survey "Profile of Steel Structure Manufactures" made with manufacturers of Steel Structures, Steel Tiles, Steel Deck and Galvanized Profiles for Light Steel Frame and Drywall, the participation of the Steel Construction in Brazilian civil works has increased year over year, and its qualities and advantages are being increasingly noticed by entrepreneurs from the production chain. Soon after the first experience, they are back in the Steel Construction business to meet the current demands of construction productivity and sustainability. A proof of the above is the fact the Steel Construction answered for 36% of the whole Steel consumption intended to civil works in 2014.

In its 4th edition, the survey "Profile of Steel Structure Manufactures" held in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Metal Construction (Abcem) had an increase of 54% in the number of surveyed companies against the previous year, which means a closer relationship with local manufacturers. Those companies employed nearly 30,000 workers, profited around R$ 8.9 billion and produced 1.395 million tons in 2014. Despite the unfavorable macroeconomic scenario, there is an expected growth of 5% for 2015.

The survey Profile of Steel Deck and Tile Manufacturers, now in its 3rd edition, also counted on Abcem’s support. Steel tiles represent 18.9% of the roofing market in Brazil and 65% of the industrial and commercial segment according to data from the survey back in 2014. From 52 companies manufacturing Steel Deck and Tiles, 48 informed a production of 364,702 tons from which 15,180 were intended to the production of Steel Deck. Trapezoidal and/or waved tiles were responsible for 66% of the total production. Nearly 5,600 employees work in companies manufacturing Steel Deck and Tiles. The annual gross income of said companies was of approximately R$ 1.3 billion in 2014.

The survey Manufacturers of Galvanized Profiles for Light Steel Frame and Drywall, now in its 2nd edition, was once again back up by the ICZ – Institute of Non-ferrous Metals. The production of profiles for both LSF and Drywall had an increase compared to the survey performed in the previous year, reaching 45,360 and 97,860 tons respectively and consuming 14.4% of the apparent consumption of galvanized profiles in 2014. Around 1,600 employees work in companies producing profiles for LSF and Drywall whose annual gross profit income reached approximately R$400 million in 2014.

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