The steel construction system presents significant characteristics, here are some of them:

  • Freedom in the architecture operations Project.
    Steel-based technology provides architects with full creative freedom, allowing them to elaborate audacious projects with remarkable architectonic expression.
  • More useful area
    Pillar sections and steel beams are substantially thinner than concrete ones, resulting in better use of the inner space and increase of the useful area, which is most important factor mainly in garages.
  • Flexibility
    Steel structure is specially recommended in cases where there is the need for adaptations, expansions, reforms and changes to building occupation. Additionally, it becomes much easier to install utilities services such as water, air conditioning, electricity, sewer, telephony, IT, etc.
  • Compatible with other materials
    Steel construction system is perfectly compatible with any type of closing material, both vertically and horizontally, ranging from the most conventional (bricks and blocks, locally molded slabs) to pre-manufactured (concrete panels and slabs, drywall panels, etc.) components.
  • Faster execution
    Manufacturing structures in tandem with the execution of foundations, possibility to work in several service fronts at the same time, decrease of shaping and shoring and the fact that structural assembly is not impaired by rains, all such factors can lead to a reduction of up to 40% in the execution time when compared to the conventional processes.
  • Savings to materials and workforce
    In a work, through conventional processes, the waste of materials may reach up to 25% in weight. Steel structure allows for the adoption of industrialized systems, which considerably reduces waste.
  • Load relief on foundations
    Due to their light weight, steel structures can reduce by up to 30% the cost of foundations.
  • Quality assurance
    Manufacturing of a steel structure takes place within a dedicated plant by a highly qualified workforce, which provides the client the assurance of a top quality work due to the rigid control found during the industrial process.
  • Gain anticipation
    Thanks to the faster execution of the works there will be an additional gain following the anticipated occupation of the property as well as a quicker return of the invested capital.
  • Work site organization
    As the steel structure is fully pre-manufactured, there is an improved organization of the work site due factors such as, but not limited to, lack of big deposits of sand, gravel, cement, wood and hardware, also reducing the inevitable waste of said materials. The clean environment generating less debris also offers better safety conditions to the worker and contributes to the reduction of accidents.
  • Constructive precision
    While the precision of concrete structures is measured in centimeters, for steel structures the unit employed is the millimeter. This ensures a perfectly plumbed and leveled structure, facilitating activities such as laying down miters, installing elevators, as well as reducing cost with coating materials.
  • Recyclability
    Steel is 100% recyclable and structures can be disassembled and reused with less waste generation.
  • Environment Preservation
    Steel structure is less aggressive to the environment as it more than only reducing the consumption of wood during the works, it also decreases the emission of particulate material and sound pollution generated by saws and other woodwork equipment.


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