Research grant for a PhD student at University of Coimbra



The purpose of the Switch2Steel project is to design and create a calculation framework for cost optimization of industrial and commercial pavilions in steel structures, in order to reduce the weight of metallic structures in this type of constructions, as well as the use and cost of passive fire protection materials.
The platform will allow users (design offices and engineering offices) to define the characteristics of the pavilions to be built, based on evolutionary algorithms and advanced fire dynamic models. The optimization process will minimize the cost of the metallic structure throughout the life cycle (construction, maintenance, disassembly and reuse). The analysis and optimization of these structures will then take into account the fire protection, transport, seismic resistance and environmental impact. This platform will be based on design standards in metal structures and the specific legislation of each country, in order to allow calculating and optimizing the cost of the structure and become a more competitive solution than precast concrete.

A call will be open soon to award one research grant for a PhD Student to develop research activities within the research project Switch2Steel, in the following conditions:

Research Field: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field.
Duration of Scholarship: 6 months, renewable up to 3 years
Host Institution: ISISE, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Skills: Fire Safety Engineering; Fire Dynamics; Structural design; Programming language; English.

Interested students should send an email to Professors Aldina Santiago (, Luís Laím ( and Alexandre Landesmann ( with a motivation letter (100 words in the maximum), as soon as possible.

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