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James William Johnson¹ and John Smith²*

¹ Department, University, address, email
² Department, University, address, email

Maximum of 10 lines.

Keywords: maximum of five keywords.

1 Introduction

The maximum number of pages is 20, including references and acknowledgments. Please follow the format in this template, which is:

  • Line spacing of 1.5 lines,
  • Font Calibri, size 12 points for the text,
  • Font Calibri, size 14 points for section heading,
  • Font Calibri, size 12 points for subsection heading,
  • A4 paper size, margin: top and bottom of 0.98" and left and right of 1.18"

For reference use the author date style: Smith (2013) or (Smith, 2010).

1.1 Secondary heading

Subsections can be used.

2 Tables and Figures

Figure 1 provides an example figure. It is allowed to use color in your figures but the reader shall be able to understand your observation on the black and white printed page. Use 10 points font for the text of tables. Every figure and table shall be mentioned in the text.

Figure 1 – figure...

3 Acknowledgments

4 References

Be careful with the reference list style. This e-journal has to follow the Brazilian standard for references.

SMITH, John; JOHNSON, James William. Title of the paper. Journal Name, City, v., p. YEAR.

*Correspondent Author